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Prescript Radiology Recruitment

Prescript Radiology Recruitment


When setting up Prescript I thought about the headaches doctors traditionally felt during the recruitment process.  What frustrations did they encounter?  How could Prescript make the hiring experience simpler and more efficient?   What changes could be made for the better?

One big issue is paperwork.  There is a huge amount.   Yes, a lot of it is important.  Engaging a doctor involves several layers of verification and checks to ensure patient safety.  However, most processes are not candidate/doctor friendly.   They involve reading multiple attachments, printing off forms, filling in with a pen and then returning via fax or scan.  It can be an old-fashioned, time-consuming and off-putting experience. 


I decided to try and make Prescript's  interaction with doctors as paperless as possible.  When you register as a job-seeking candidate with Prescript, you will be able to click on a link that will enable you to provide all the necessary information online.  This means you can, within 10 minutes, create a candidate profile, upload any documents and answer screening questions without leaving your computer/phone.  No need to print.   No need to use a pen.  No need to fax or scan.

It has not been easy to go totally paperless, it is very much a work in progress.   While Prescript as a company is heading in the right direction, I am still a big fan of using paper to make 'to-do' lists.  If I am speaking to clients or candidates, I find it easier to make notes with a pen before typing them up.  Slowly though, I am finding new ways to work - apps like Wunderlist help replace paper lists.

So does this mean you'll never have to use your printer when dealing with Prescript Recruitment?  The answer is 'maybe' at the moment.   Each locum you do in different locations will have their own site or health department specific paperwork requirements - some will be online, but others you still might need to print, complete, sign and scan back. 

Over to you.  What do you think about Prescript's quest to go paperless?  Have you registered as a job-seeking candidate with us?  What did you think of our online candidate profile forms?   Please comment below or connect with us by clicking the button 'Candidate Contact'.

Thank you.