Free 7 Part Series - ‘Managing Your Recruitment’

Are you in charge of recruitment at your department, your hospital or your practice?

Are you in charge of recruitment at your department, your hospital or your practice? Do you have to juggle this alongside your clinical or administrative role?  With everything else you have to do, does recruitment seem like a drain on your stretched resources?  If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then this free 7 part series of articles is for you.

Often we speak to employers tearing their hair out looking for new staff.  A common complaint is a lack of time to plan and invest in a structured recruitment process – “Goodness James, your ideas for how we can find a doctor sound great, but we just don’t have the luxury of going into that detail” or “I can’t really give you a detailed overview for the role.  Just send me over a CV when you’ve found someone and I’ll brief you then.”   The reality is that these are exactly the people who would benefit from pausing and re-examining their recruitment processes. Wouldn’t you want to save time, stress and money?

Prescript is sharing this free blog series with you to explain how you can refresh and refine your current processes.

Free 7 Part Series - ‘Managing Your Recruitment’ 

Planning Your Recruitment (What are your goals?)

Feb 2017

The Brief (What and who do you need?)

March 2017

Applications (How do doctors find out about the job and express their interest?)

April 2017

The Interview (How to make a good impression)

May 2017

Offer (Will the doctor say ‘yes’?)

June 2017

Paperwork and credentialing (How not to put them off)

July 2017

First day, week, month and year (How to welcome and retain your new doctor)

August 2017

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James // Founder & Recruitment Partner @ Prescript