Why Doctors Don’t Want to Work in Rural Communities (And Why They Should Reconsider)

Doctors in nearly every speciality are flocking to the big cities, like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, to practice medicine. But what’s keeping doctors from working in rural areas where there are just as many deserving cities, towns and communities?

These rural communities have a high need for physicians and are willing to pay qualified candidates high wages for permanent and locum positions. But even with this in mind, doctors are still unconvinced. They aren’t ready to make the sea and tree change into the bush.

We’re here to explain the great benefits of becoming a rural doctor. Here are three debunked myths doctors have about working in rural communities:

1.   “It’ll get lonely out in the middle of nowhere.”

Life is all about opportunity, and moving and working inland will provide you with a chance to actually expand your network of friends and acquaintances. There are plenty of hospitals in rural cities that have a close team of doctors on staff. Not to mention, there are plenty of social groups and a lot of city-like amenities such as sporting arenas, music festivals, and shopping centres. The country isn’t made only of small farming towns.

While you might not be able to see your friends back home as often, you’ll be making plenty of new ones. So you definitely won’t be lonely—or bored for that matter.

2.   “It’s hard to make a name for myself as a small-town doctor.”

On the contrary, you’ll be better known by your patients and the surrounding communities than in the cities. City doctors actually are often forgotten since there are so many of them, and the vast bureaucratic system they work under makes it more difficult for them to advance in their career.

If you were to work in a permanent or locum position inland, then you’ll be one of a few doctors, if not the sole doctor, in the community. This places you in the spotlight and will provide you with well-deserved recognition and respect.

3.   “Business will be slow, and I won’t be able to make a living from it.”

Healthcare is less available to rural citizens. This means sicker people are waiting to be treated which also means there are long waiting lists for patients. Your business won’t be slow in the slightest. And since doctors are in such high demand, hospitals and clinics are willing to pay a pretty penny for you to work for them. The government is even providing subsidies for doctors who are willing to move and work inland, so why shouldn’t you consider making the sea and tree change?

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