My Sea Change (and why you should do the same)

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At Prescript we are often helping Radiologists to find new permanent roles which require them to move from one part of Australia to another.  It can often be a daunting decision to step away from your comfort zone and take a leap into the unknown.  I can speak from experience as in February 2018, after 17 years of living in Sydney, I packed up and moved 800km north to Northern NSW – away from everyone and everything I knew.  This was one of the biggest and riskiest decisions I’ve ever made in life, but also the best.

On the surface things looked great for me - I had been doing really well in my career, was living a fortunate life in Bondi and had a great support network, however, I knew deep down that Sydney wasn’t working for me anymore.  I was constantly stressed, flat, tired and felt unenthused; and life just seemed to be continuously throwing obstacles my way.  I craved a healthy lifestyle, nature and calm living that the city couldn't provide.  I wanted out of Sydney, and my partner had always dreamt of living in Northern NSW, so we made the call to get out of the rut and get energised by life again.

We live about half way between the Gold Coast and Byron Bay so there is so much to explore on our days off.  The Byron region is one we’ve got to know very well over the years, with our annual week-long trip to Bluesfest, so it was a given that we’d love it there.  However, neither of us expected how pleasantly surprised we’d be from the hidden gems within the Gold Coast and Tweed regions.  Our perceptions couldn’t have been more wrong thinking they were soulless regions full of theme parks, super-centres and drinking venues.  Instead, we have found gorgeous National Parks, spectacular scenic drives, delicious culinary experiences, eclectic community markets, stunning estuaries and endless immaculate beaches on our doorstep.  And we know there’s still so much more to discover.


It’s now been six months since we first made the move and I could not have dreamt that it would be so positive for both myself and my partner.  I’ve gone from having obstacle after obstacle in Sydney over the past few years to suddenly having a life where everything has just fallen into place.  It was a huge risk to move to somewhere new, so far away from our family & friends, where we knew no one, I had no job, and my partner had a start-up business.  But life seems always to have a funny way of making things work out if you stop fighting against it and just go with the flow.   Because I took the leap, I am now happier, healthier, more energised and focused.  I’m back in a job that I enjoy, can work from my home office without a painful commute and have a great supportive team only a video chat away.  My relationship with my partner has been renewed, and we love our adventures exploring the region.  Sydney and my hometown of Wollongong are only an hour’s flight away to see friends.  And for the first time in years, I love coming home. 

Because I took the leap, I am now happier, healthier, more energised and focused. 
— Rebecca Doyle

If something within my story resonated with you and you are inspired to make a sea change or tree change, please make contact with me as I can help you to find a role and location that’s perfect for you. 

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About Rebecca Doyle

Rebecca recruits for locum and permanent positions across regional Australia with a focus on Radiology.

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Prescript are medical recruitment specialists.

At Prescript we’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage in Australia.

Every day we’re focused on two clear outcomes - Helping hospitals find doctors that create departments and clinics that run better, have more capacity and less stress. And placing Doctors in jobs that leave them feeling highly valued, rewarded and, most importantly, enjoying what they do.

We believe that when we get these two crucial things right, it has a huge impact on the regional doctor shortage and the healthcare of communities across Australia.

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We’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage, leaving doctors loving what they do and regional communities feeling like they have the best doctors in town.
— James Hill - Founder - Prescript Recruitment

Why Doctors Don’t Want to Work in Rural Communities (And Why They Should Reconsider)

Doctors in nearly every speciality are flocking to the big cities, like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, to practice medicine. But what’s keeping doctors from working in rural areas where there are just as many deserving cities, towns and communities?

These rural communities have a high need for physicians and are willing to pay qualified candidates high wages for permanent and locum positions. But even with this in mind, doctors are still unconvinced. They aren’t ready to make the sea and tree change into the bush.

We’re here to explain the great benefits of becoming a rural doctor. Here are three debunked myths doctors have about working in rural communities:

1.   “It’ll get lonely out in the middle of nowhere.”

Life is all about opportunity, and moving and working inland will provide you with a chance to actually expand your network of friends and acquaintances. There are plenty of hospitals in rural cities that have a close team of doctors on staff. Not to mention, there are plenty of social groups and a lot of city-like amenities such as sporting arenas, music festivals, and shopping centres. The country isn’t made only of small farming towns.

While you might not be able to see your friends back home as often, you’ll be making plenty of new ones. So you definitely won’t be lonely—or bored for that matter.

2.   “It’s hard to make a name for myself as a small-town doctor.”

On the contrary, you’ll be better known by your patients and the surrounding communities than in the cities. City doctors actually are often forgotten since there are so many of them, and the vast bureaucratic system they work under makes it more difficult for them to advance in their career.

If you were to work in a permanent or locum position inland, then you’ll be one of a few doctors, if not the sole doctor, in the community. This places you in the spotlight and will provide you with well-deserved recognition and respect.

3.   “Business will be slow, and I won’t be able to make a living from it.”

Healthcare is less available to rural citizens. This means sicker people are waiting to be treated which also means there are long waiting lists for patients. Your business won’t be slow in the slightest. And since doctors are in such high demand, hospitals and clinics are willing to pay a pretty penny for you to work for them. The government is even providing subsidies for doctors who are willing to move and work inland, so why shouldn’t you consider making the sea and tree change?

Prescript Can Connect You with Rural Hospitals and Clinics

If you’re convinced and ready to make the move, then we can help. Prescript is a locum and permanent recruitment agency for doctors, hospitals and practices. 

Go to for more information on our recruitment services, blogs, location reports, and other resources.

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6 steps to securing a position in Australia

  • Are you a UK trained A&E SHO or Registrar? 
  • Interested in a 12 month position in Australia?
  • Not sure what happens next?

If you're thinking you want to secure a role for August 2017, then Prescript will need to secure an interview for you within the next few weeks. This means we have to move quickly and start the process as soon as possible. I have listed below the 6 steps needed to secure your dream role of working and living in Australia:

  1. Prescript will need to assess your eligibility. By registering with Prescript we can discuss the pathways available to you.
  2. Once we have assessed your eligibility we can discuss your preferences and the positions most suited to you.
  3. After we've established what you are looking for, to submit an application we will need to have your CV and two current references. We will only apply for references when we have your permission.
  4. Having submitted your application for a position, we will keep in touch with the hospital to schedule a telephone or Skype interview. This can take a few days or up to a few weeks to organise.
  5. After the interview, if the hospital wants to offer you a position we can assist with discussions on salary and additional benefits, e.g. relocation allowance. This process can take a few weeks.
  6. Once you've accepted the job offer, things will start to move quite quickly, and you'll need to complete paperwork to ensure you are ready to start your new job in Australia. This includes registration with the Medical Board of Australia and arranging a visa. This whole process can take up to three to four months.

We will guide you through the process in selecting a position that’s right for you. Below is an overview of the many positions available in various states in Australia:

  • Emergency Resident Medical Officer needed in Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. Base salaries from $68,663 - $101,391 plus superannuation (pension) depending on state and level of experience.
  • Emergency Registrar needed in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and regional NSW. Base Salaries from $84,478 - $146,065 plus superannuation (pension) depending on state and level of experience.

Additional benefits may include, professional development opportunities, access to salary packaging, flexible study and annual leave arrangements, plus additional shift and after hours penalty rates.
Contact me today to discuss these positions in more detail and to assess your eligibility. Numerous positions are available so if you know of any colleagues looking to move to Australia, please pass on my details.

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