Why partner with Prescript?

Standards - We do not partner with every doctor.  Your business needs great doctors in order to grow.  Only eligible candidates that meet the Prescript standards are accepted. We also do the filtering upfront for right to work in Australia and relevant qualifications.

Personable - Forget mass vacancy emails to a database and poor responses. Locum vacancies are introduced to candidates tailored to their availability.

Responsive Service - Outside of normal business hours you will have access to online forms, enabling you to register vacancies or upload credentialing paperwork 24/7.  

Exclusive - We cannot partner with every workplace.  If you are accepted as a Prescript client, we will help you create an engaging and attractive profile to share with candidates.

Transparency - No fees will be charged without you knowing and agreeing to them first.

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Underpinning our campaign driven strategy is 'Prescript's 7-Step Recruitment Framework'.


1. PLAN - Getting the best plan in place.

Setting the foundations for success.  Knowing what to do first and what resources are needed.

2. PROMOTE - How to promote the position as widely as possible.

This is the most important area that the framework covers.  How to advertise; Where to advertise; Setting a budget; Finding partners to help promote.

3. SCREEN - Having screening strategies that work.

Golden rule is don’t put people off! How to encourage and welcome applicants but not waste anyone’s time.

4. INTERVIEW - Ensuring interviews work.

Recognising interviews are a two-way process. Strategies for telephone interview and face to face meetings.

5. OFFER - Making an offer they can’t refuse.

That’s the dream, but really it is about leveraging all the great things a hospital or practice can offer and making sure it is presented so well the doctor wants to say ‘yes’!

6. WELCOME - Welcoming the new doctor.

It is so important to have a plan in place for what happens in-between a doctor accepting a position and their start date.  Equally important is to have a plan in place for their first day, week and year.  

7. REVIEW - Reviewing how it went.

What went well and what didn’t.  We always need to continually refine processes. Lessons learnt will help improve when it comes to recruiting the next role.


Business Support

What does partnering with Prescript look like?  

The answer is different for every business we work with.  Yes, our mission is to help with your immediate recruitment needs, but our vision is to build long term relationships with great workplaces across Australia.  Partnering with Prescript needn't wait until there is a problem to be solved - connect with our community and see how we add value. 

I'm interested in partnering with Prescript to fill a vacancy - what happens next?

For us to perform better, we will ask you some questions to get to know you.  We want to truly understand your business, culture and how you like to hire.   This information will help us build a profile of your great workplace that will mean you are more visible and connected to great doctors.

Can you help with  paperwork?

Yes, absolutely. We partner with you to ensure best practice is followed for welcoming on board new locum and permanent team members.   When you are a client of Prescript you can expect a mutually agreed standard of screening and credentialing relevant to your workplace and reflecting the different State and Federal regulations.

Please note that Prescript Recruitment does not replace your normal due diligence when choosing a locum doctor or a permanent member of staff, but provides information in support and in addition to the candidate application.

How much do you charge?

Prescript offers two simple pricing options - one flat percentage for locum placements and one flat fee for permanent placements (with a 100% money-back guarantee for 3 months).  Request our Terms of Business for more information.

What recruitment services do you provide?

Prescript offers screening, credentialing, reference checking and recruitment best practice advice for your business.  Every workplace is different and we work hard to understand your needs.  We provide you with the support to ensure you hire the right person through the right process. 

We are specialists in preparing job descriptions, advertising, technical screening, behavioural interviews and conducting reference and identity checks.  If you require HR or immigration advice Prescript can introduce you to trusted partners and experts.


Click 'Partner with Prescript' and see how easy it is to get started.