Wellbeing for Radiologists



For those working in healthcare, specifically in this instance, radiologists, there can be a concerning contrast, or disconnect, between looking after other people whilst you’re at work; and looking after yourself and your family at home.

The term 'work-life balance' is regularly heard but what does it mean? And more specifically, what does it mean to you?

We are exploring this subject further at Prescript through talking to radiologists and other professionals in the field of wellbeing. From this, we will bring you inspirational examples of healthy work-life balance being demonstrated.  Our facilitation of open discussion is to capture and promote ideas on how we can all create and maintain a healthy, happy workplace and home.

Prescript Radiology Recruitment was founded on the principles of health and wellbeing.  This encompasses our radiologists; the imaging centres we partner with and by association, the patients you are caring for. Building our services around health and wellbeing was intuitive to us because it aligned with our own personal priorities too. When exploring this concept, it opened further thoughts on how we can have a positive influence on and provide assistance to radiologists. What are the markers for people for living at their best?

What seems logical but appears to be often overlooked is the following concept:

‘When an individual feels valued, balanced, satisfied and inspired, they will bring the best of themselves into their world, seamlessly – into all their interactions in the workplace, home, community and their natural environment.’

If we take each of these principles in turn, we are able to look at how, in the world of radiology, they can be applied and improved.


Appreciation, thanks, gratitude shown for efforts made, all help to build a harmonious workplace where radiologists and other staff feel good about being there. A simple concept. Small actions make a big difference. Action? What about consciously voicing thanks to others for the likes of: stepping up to a challenging situation; for working with care; for a friendly face and a smile; for a positive attitude that brings a good energy to the room?


Knowing that you have your own best mix of variety and interesting challenges in life is important. When we are out of balance, feelings of insecurity, fear, overwhelm and discontent are commonly noted. Having time to relax, time to learn and time to contribute fully at work and home can give us that sense of purpose and balance which greatly contributes to wellbeing.


When you do what you love, in the right environment, it’s remarkable how alive you feel, how you don’t feel tired, how content you feel, and generally just happy to be there - even with the normal difficult challenges, disappointments and things that happen in all our lives. Cultivating a good, resilient attitude can contribute incredibly to your feelings of satisfaction - Appreciating and building on the parts of life you want to grow is a concept we can all put into practice.


What lights you up? What puts you in a state of being that feels your best self?  How does it feel when you’re engaged with someone or something where time passes in that “timeless” way? Connecting with things you’re passionate about feeds us. Do you find aspects of this in your work place and personal life to enjoy?

Our personal health, encompassing mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, must surely be a priority for us as individuals, as family members, as work and community teams and as employers. 

We look forward to bringing you inspiring accounts of people who have learned to thrive in their professional and personal environment and can so help others to do the same.  

Please contact us, Nicola Speer or James Hill at Prescript Radiology Recruitment. We would love to hear your views, advice and experiences in the greater radiology world.