Jungle or Space Theme? Making MRI Scans Child Friendly

Photo by NLshop/iStock / Getty Images

Calming & Friendly - Child-Centric Care

I always remember visits to my childhood doctor because of the large jar of sweets he had on his desk.  I can't remember the reasons for the different visits, but I remember the reward for being 'good' (for good, read compliant!).  

I also had an extended hospital stay on a children's ward when I was young. Even though there were sad times, for the most part I remember the love and care provided by the nurses.  They and the hospital created the best possible environment for recovery - over 30 years later I can still describe to you a lot of the little details that helped.

Making a visit to a dentist, a clinic or a hospital can be bewildering for a child. Finding methods to make their experience calming and friendly is so important.  I loved reading these two separate articles from different parts of the word on how they have tried to make traditional radiology rooms more child-friendly.

'Making Imaging Centers Child Friendly' // Location: USA

"Movie goggles. Basketball stars. Images of fish swimming through the room. Monkeys on the scanner. A room bathed in color. Not only do these distraction techniques in children’s radiology units make kids and parents happier, they’re often decreasing the need for sedation during the studies."- See more at: http://www.diagnosticimaging.com/

'Child-Friendly MRI Suites Reduce Need for Sedation' // Location: Singapore

One MRI scan room has a spaceship theme done up by staff in 2008. The jungle- themed room was set up in 2012 but only decorated last year. A professional artist was commissioned to create the vinyl decals of zebras, pandas and macaws in a bid to make the room more child-friendly.' - See more at https://www.healthxchange.com.sg

What's been your experience?  Does your workplace have an imaging department that is child-friendly?