Feedback from Radiologists - What Makes A Locum Great?


At Prescript, we work with radiologists who locum for a significant proportion of their year, and others who regularly take up a one, two, or a fair few weeks of locum work each year, fitted in around their regular work. 

They understand what makes a “great locum” and we’re sharing some of their tips, pointers and feedback here.

For any radiologist in Australia or NZ who is considering a locum or for those who have perhaps tried the odd locum but haven’t found it as satisfactory as they would wish, we hope these will answer some questions and help you take the first steps of inquiring with Prescript to find out how a locum can be tailored to meet your needs and wishes.

Top 5 Tips from Radiologists

  1. Ensure you establish a good relationship with your Recruitment Partner where you have easy communication, clarity and a dedication to really helping with your locums – This includes good quality credentialing, attention to detail on travel and clinical arrangements, and aftercare with financials – i.e. ensuring you’re paid promptly.

  2. Leave yourself plenty of time, where possible, to discuss your requirements/availability, get the suitable locum/s booked in and any required paperwork completed with as much leeway as possible. (Once you’re registered with Prescript it makes the booking of future locums very quick and easy too.)

  3. Be specific about your dates and location preferences – Many opportunities are not sent out, and generally, a locum can be tailored by your Recruitment Partner to suit you.

  4. If you’re open to new ideas regarding locations, or if you don’t yet have specific dates but want to book a locum(s), still call and discuss – it’s never too early. Your Recruitment Partner will be able to make suggestions and give clinical and location insights that will help you decide better what appeals most.

  5. Tack on a holiday/family weekend – Taking the family along can be a fantastic part of a locum. Make sure your Recruitment Partner knows which family members are coming, how old the children are if any, and any other requirements. It’s an opportunity to see Australia and travel to areas that are of interest, or simply visiting a great place to take some time before or after the locum to relax and enjoy. Do be specific about your interests or if you’d just like to explore, let your Recruitment Partner know, and they will give you options and ideas so that you can decide the best for you and your family. (i.e. – Coastal, tropical, remote, cold climate for skiing/hiking, access to the Great Barrier Reef, urban/metro…)

What did they think?

Here is some feedback some of Prescript’s regular locum radiologists have given recently:

“You always make it so easy and straightforward to get into the locum, work, and leave – It’s a real comfort to know all flights, car hire, accommodation and passwords for reporting are set up correctly every time.”

“I’m having a great time – The staff were so happy to see me back, it made me feel very much at home.”

“Everything flowed smoothly, and it was an easy hop over from New Zealand for the fortnight.”

“Thank you very much and to Stef and Hugo too – The locum was very well organised from start to finish. Hugo has been great at getting my invoices paid promptly too.”

Any other tips/advice for radiologists who are interested in setting up a locum? We’d love to hear from you.

Next steps to setting up your own locum or making initial inquiries:

Contact me (Nicola Speer) - Senior Recruitment Partner at Prescript. I will be able to listen to your needs and offer an easy, friendly service that makes locum work smooth and stress-free.

More About Nicola Speer

Nicola recruits for locum and permanent positions across regional Australia with a focus on Radiology. // 0405 429 799

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