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Prescript is passionate about helping solve the regional doctor shortage in Australia. We thought we would share our stories of living, working or holidaying in different parts of the country.  You'll get to know us a bit better and find out why we love working with doctors and encouraging a sea/tree change!

I'm Grace Clueit - I have been working in Prescript since early 2018 as our 'Marketing Partner'. Here is my story of working in Bundaberg and finding passion(fruit)...

Originally from the United Kingdom, I set sail for Australia in 2014 after a few years of travelling and living in various places prior. After seeing Australia for all of its beauty, and having only explored a mere fragment of it, I decided I needed to stay longer. Being a British backpacker meant I was required to complete 88 days of regional work in order to gain a second-year working holiday visa. 

My two friends and I were travelling up the east coast, in a camper-van that broke down every 30 minutes (a story for another day), when we put a coin in charge of our destiny. If the coin landed on heads, we decided that we would head to Bundaberg, if it fell on tails it meant we were heading to Sydney. The coin landed on heads, so we packed up our portable frying pan and made our merry way to Bundaberg. 


A day in the life of a fruit-picker

Working within the fruit picking industry, I experienced the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of farm life. I must admit, I had the most unrealistic image in my head of what farm work would be like; skipping through cornfields in the sunshine while sipping on fresh lemonade made by the farmer’s wife... That dream, unfortunately, came crashing down rather quickly. Anyone who’s ever worked on a farm will know what back-breaking work it is, and the locals knew that better than anyone. I worked in a variety of picking and packing jobs, from Zucchinis to Oranges.

Hostel life proved to be very interesting too. I was living in a hostel called 'Cell Block' which had been converted from an old prison. I was sharing a 10-bed dorm with people from all around the world and from various walks of life. Being with each other day and night and living in each other's pockets means you gain the best (and most bizarre) life and people skills


I was lucky enough to meet my partner, Scott, in Bundaberg, he wooed me with a passionfruit he had picked on the farm. Scott began playing rugby league for a local team, the South Kolan Sharks, meaning our Sundays consisted of touring around various rugby clubs across the northern district. We were welcomed into the club as ‘the pommy children’ by the locals.

The community welcomed all backpackers with open arms and hearts; some of the ladies I worked with even invited me to visit their homes. They asked their families around and cooked the most delicious homemade food. We sat around the fire and shared stories and marshmallows while looking at the stars. A truly magical experience and one I will not forget in a hurry.

Bundaberg holds a very special place in my heart and has left me with some wonderful memories. I hope you can one day visit too.


More about Bundaberg

Bundaberg is the largest town in the Fraser Coast region and is known for its eponymous dark rum and fruit-farming backpackers. The town is an agricultural centre with some friendly pubs and a decent regional art gallery.

Located 300 kilometres north of Brisbane, the Bundaberg region is the first point of entry to the Southern Great Barrier Reef. This area encompasses a diversity of coastal, island and hinterland areas.

Bundaberg is located just 35 minutes from the beautiful coastal town of Bargara, and only 1 hour and 20 minutes from the stunning coastal city, Hervey Bay. 30 minutes north of the centre is Moore Park with wide, flat beaches, and to the south is the very popular Elliott Heads with a nice beach, rocky foreshore and good fishing. Bundaberg's convenient location means you can easily visit some lovely coastal areas during your time off work.

About Grace Clueit

Grace is Prescript's Marketing Partner and looks after Vacancies, Marketing and Communications. 

"I hope you enjoyed this blog about my time in Bundaberg. If you had any questions or would like to learn more about permanent and locum opportunities, we’d love to chat with you!"

Contact Grace: 1300 755 498 //

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