Is a Radiology Locum Right For You?




Prescript Radiology Recruitment

A lot of doctors have questions about locum positions.  To help, welcome to the Prescript mini Q&A:

What is a locum job?

A locum position provides temporary coverage.   This could be because regular staff are away or just that extra support is needed.  In these circumstances radiology clinics & networks rely on locum doctors.  It provides the flexibility to cover most schedules. You can fill in for just a week or cover for someone’s long term absence.

Is a locum position right for you? 

Yes!   Working in a locum position is a great way to earn extra income.  Your daily rate as a Radiologists should be between $2500 and $3500 per day (+ GST).

How does it work? 

Introduce yourself to Prescript Recruitment.    We have vacancies in all locations for different durations. 

Where would you go?   

If you’d like to, you can travel the country or you can choose to stay close to home.

How long would you work? 

A locum position can be as short as a day or you could commit to several months, even a year!

Why is there such a range? 

Radiology clinics & networks need your help when they are short-staffed, to give support during a crisis, or just to fill in when staff members take time off.

So what do you have to do?   

You simply tell Prescript what works for you.  We will get to know your skills profile, what you need and any personal requirements (are you bringing your family/dog/cat; do you prefer an exit row seat on the plane; automatic or manual hire car etc.).

Clients across the country trust Prescript Recruitment to help them fill their vacancies.  So when we think there’s a good match, we will contact you about a locum position.   Prescript helps manage the credentialing, travel and accommodation.  It’s our job to take care of you.

To sum up:

Locum work is a great way to increase your income.  It can build your network and career.  Positions can even go back to back to create employment all year round.  It really is up to you.

What happens next?  

Talk to us right now.  Prescript can help you find your next locum today.