Eating Well When Away From Home

Alternatives To Always Eating Out

When we’re away from home for a period of time for work or holiday; having every meal at a restaurant, nice as it can be, sometimes wears a bit thin. Especially when you want to eat well, stay healthy and still enjoy making a few things yourself, rather than eating out all the time. If there are limited kitchen facilities and equipment, this can be a little challenging.

Here are some ideas for easy meals to have whilst ‘on the road’. They’re aimed at keeping healthy; providing the opportunity to taste local produce and specialties; enjoy good meals outside or on the run – at work for example; and even entertain where there is the opportunity.

Culinary Tool Kit

Depending on where you are and what your accommodation and resources are like, a culinary ‘tool kit’ to travel with can be a lifesaver.

A few of these essentials – and any others that are to your own personal taste, can help you make the most of local food that you can make at your home away from home:

  • Salt and pepper – there are some good quality disposable grinders full of the likes of Himalayan salt and organic black pepper available.
  • A small bottle of extra virgin olive oil – perfect for dressing a salad or for dipping with local bakers’ bread.
  • A small, sharp cutting knife and/or a small serrated knife
  • Small wooden chopping board – can be used for presenting cheeses and other snacks you’ve bought too.
  • A reasonable sized plastic container that can be used for mixing up a salad – and for transporting food you’ve made to work with you if you’re away from home, or for taking out for picnics if you’re on holiday.

Staying Local

A visit to a local farmers’ market is always the best place to experience the best of local produce and artisan foods and drinks. There are normally good websites to let you know times and days of the markets in every region. Of course if you like a glass of wine and you’re in an area with vineyards, a visit to the cellar door is always a good experience.

Even the most basic supermarkets offer choices of simple, whole foods – avoid heavily processed or high sugar items ideally - rather, go for any fresh produce available. Fresh, raw vegetables and avocado cut up with some good quality hummus, pesto or other dips from the refrigerated section make a pretty good snack.

Quick, Easy, Healthy and Delicious

For an impromptu meal – an option could be some freshly baked bread, good quality local cheese, olives, fresh tomatoes and salad greens and perhaps some fruit. With these humble ingredients, a very satisfying picnic or simple meal at your accommodation can be produced – no cooking required.

Here’s a simple board of a couple of cheeses, sliced pear and some good, local bread. Some olives or other simple antipasti items would be perfect to add to this. This could be a simple meal for one, or very acceptable offering to friends if they join you for a drink and catch up.

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Buon appetito!