10 Questions That Can Help You Organise Your Next Locum

You’re a Doctor; you want to find a great locum position in a great place, but you’re busy and overwhelmed by the process.  Here’s our 10 questions to ask when organising your next locum position:

  1. Dates:  What dates do they need you for? Does it match your availability?
  2. Location: Can you get there easily?  Will it be one site or multiple?
  3. Financial: What daily rate is on offer? Most workplaces have a fixed rate for their locum doctors and it is not normally a reflection on your individual experience.
  4. Payment Method: How will you be paid – via invoice or PAYG? Some workplaces cannot pay you via invoice, so make sure to check in advance.
  5. Insurance coverage: Will you be covered by their policy or will you need your own? It is important you seek independent advice on what will be best for your situation.
  6. Flights:  Are return economy flights paid for?  Will they book on your behalf or will you book and be reimbursed? Is there a price ceiling or do you have to seek approval before purchase?
  7. Car:  Is a hire car provided?  Who books it?  Will it be pre-paid or will you be reimbursed?
  8. Accommodation:  How many bedrooms do you need?  Will the accommodation be self-contained?  Is it resort style with a swimming pool or more business like?  How near is it to your workplace?  If you are working multi-weeks is the accommodation paid for the weekend?
  9. First day details:  What time should you turn up?  Is there parking onsite?  Who should you ask for?  Will you be given your IT login details in advance?  Will someone be there to help you show you around and set you up?
  10. Work expectations:  Have you been clear on your skills and does it match what they need?

Hopefully by asking these questions, your next locum will go smoothly and with no surprises!

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