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I’m often asked by doctors and hospitals why they should choose to work with me over one of my many competitors. Apart from the obvious answers – I’ve been recruiting doctors for regional Australia since 2012, I’ve got an extensive network, I use Prescript’s 7-step framework to get results – I usually give them a very personal reason too.

A healthy amount of pressure makes me productive. If you tell me that you’re relying on me to find you a job so you can pay your mortgage or pay for your overseas trip, that has an effect on me. If you tell me that you’re relying on me to manage your recruitment so that you can concentrate on the on the many other non-recruitment aspects of your job, that has an effect on me too.

A healthy amount of pressure makes me productive.
— Ian Ormesher

What happens? It stresses me out. So I take action and I get the results that you want. I’m your recruitment partner and it’s my job to take on your stress and make it my own. Why waste time canvassing several agencies asking for the same thing when you can just tell me that you’re relying on me to do my job?

Conversely, if I’m not able to help you for some reason – maybe I don’t have capacity to take on your permanent recruitment project right now, or perhaps when it comes to finding work in popular city hospitals that rarely use agencies, I know you’ll have more success applying directly rather than via agency.

In those cases, I’ll tell you that I can’t help you right now and if possible I’ll point you in the direction of someone who can. Just think of all the time that will save you!

The other day, an O&G Registrar that I regularly place in locum positions gave me his dates of availability and said: “but don’t stress over it, Ian.” When I pointed out that it’s actually my job to stress over it and find him work so that he doesn’t have to worry about it, he replied: “you are a victim of your own efficiency!” Indeed. Perhaps it’s time I had a new team member join me? A problem shared is a problem halved after all. Watch this space…

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