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Meet the O&G and Medicine Prescript Recruitment Team

We work with O&G and Medicine doctors for locum, ongoing and fixed-term positions across regional Australia. Connect with Prescript here ⬇️  

📌Recruitment - Marcia Beere - Dedicated recruitment partner focused solely on O&G and Medicine doctors.

📌Marketing & Vacancies Grace Clueit - Rapid promotion of locum, ongoing and fixed-term vacancies to the broadest, relevant audience.

📌Credentialing & Logistics - Stef McLaughlin - Adhere to the highest JAS-ANZ-accredited standards of quality and credentialingManagement of travel logisitics.

📌Finance & Payments Hugo Scales - Prescript's Finance & Payments Manager ensures smooth payment processes.

About Prescript Recruitment

At Prescript we’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage in Australia.

Every day we’re focused on two clear outcomes - Helping hospitals find doctors that create departments and clinics that run better, have more capacity and less stress. And placing Doctors in jobs that leave them feeling highly valued, rewarded and, most importantly, enjoying what they do.

We believe that when we get these two crucial things right, it has a huge impact on the regional doctor shortage and the healthcare of communities across Australia.

Prescript also believes that every business has the power to change lives by giving back through its everyday activities. Every time we help a doctor with the next step in their career we also contribute towards medical coverage in Odede, Western Kenya. Our big goal is to pay a doctor's salary for an entire year, plus assist with food, clean water and power at the Community Health Centre.

We’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage, leaving doctors loving what they do and regional communities feeling like they have the best doctors in town.
— James Hill - Founder - Prescript Recruitment