Why Prescript? We Have The Best Quality Standards


Paperwork is an inescapable fact of life with medical recruitment. Every time Prescript helps a regional hospital, clinic, practice or department find their next locum or permanent doctor an avalanche of credentialing and checks needs to be completed.

Each client we work with has different requirements - it varies from public hospitals to private clinics; from State to State and from region to region. Take NSW Health for example - there is meant to be one set of paperwork required for all locum doctors, yet each district health area varies slightly (or widely!) from each other in what they request.

Managing all of this and ensuring Prescript doctors start on time takes a lot of organisation. We are incredibly fortunate that the highest standards with credentialing are in-bedded in our everyday activities, led by Stef McLaughlin (Prescript’s Credentialing, Quality and Giving Manager).

“Paperwork, credentialing and travel logistics can sometimes be such a headache! My role is to ease the pain and guide all our doctors through the process. Hopefully the hospitals, clinics and doctors I work with feel they are well supported by me and the Prescript team.”

Stef has designed our internal processes and procedures to meet the different needs of each of our clients and also to be compliant with our external JAS-ANZ-accredited auditors, Certex. Prescript is certified by Certex regularly to ensure we reach the specific standards for NSW Health.


Underpinning everything are the Prescript Quality Standards (PQS). This is our internal checklist to make sure that every doctor we place in a new position has met a consistent level of checks. Why do we have PQS? It is precisely because all our clients have their own different, yet overlapping credentialing that we thought it essential that we could rely on our own foundation of standards.

A lot of PQS goes on behind the scenes, but we want the doctors that choose to work with Prescript and our clients to have peace of mind that we take quality and standards seriously.


What are Prescript Quality Standards (PQS)?

All Prescript doctors will have been through our PQS checklist before starting in a locum or permanent position:

✔️ PQS Prescript Interview Report - with one of our medical recruitment partners

✔️ PQS Registered with Prescript as a candidate

✔️ PQS Answered disclosure questions

✔️ PQS Medical Board Registration checked

✔️ PQS Shared a copy of driving licence and passport

✔️ PQS Provided proof of qualifications - Primary Degree and Fellowship

✔️ PQS CV updated for recent work history

✔️ PQS Right to work checked (citizenship and visas)

✔️ PQS Google keyword search

✔️ PQS Three reference reports (two as a minimum)


And There’s More.

➕ In addition to external audits, we have a cycle of internal audits for PQS.

➕ The credentialing, management and recruitment teams review internal processes on a tri-annual basis.

➕ We are a Corporate member of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) that complies with the RCSA Code for Professional Conduct, which means we will provide a legally compliant, ethical and professional service.

➕ Prescript are members of the Association of Medical Recruiters of Australia and New Zealand (AMRANZ).

Prescript are medical recruitment specialists.

At Prescript we’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage in Australia.

Every day we’re focused on two clear outcomes - Helping hospitals find doctors that create departments and clinics that run better, have more capacity and less stress. And placing Doctors in jobs that leave them feeling highly valued, rewarded and, most importantly, enjoying what they do.

We believe that when we get these two crucial things right, it has a huge impact on the regional doctor shortage and the healthcare of communities across Australia.

There are three ways to contact us:

  1. Call 1300 755 498

  2. Email contact@prescript.com.au

  3. Click 'Connect with Prescript' to ask a question online (with option to upload your CV)

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We’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage, leaving doctors loving what they do and regional communities feeling like they have the best doctors in town.