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Here at Prescript, we are often talking to Radiologists who want to have a bit of a break from their current employment but are not in a position where they want to resign altogether. It’s a tricky situation because they know they are feeling a little flat, want to do something different or just need a break from it all, however, the role they currently have really suits their lifestyle and/or career path. 

I was in this position myself back in 2016. I didn’t want to give up the great role I had, but I had been working exceptionally hard, and I strongly desired a decent European trip, longer than the usual four weeks annual leave that was available to me. When my partner and I got the invite to our friends 40th birthday in Northern Italy, that was the catalyst to make it happen. We decided to take a sabbatical from work to spend time travelling through Europe.

From the point of having the leave confirmed, suddenly everything felt exciting as we had so much to look forward to. We decided that rather than hop from city to city, we would visit fewer countries and spend more time in each of them. We put down our personal wish lists and started planning an itinerary that ended up including UK, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greek Islands and Croatia. 

We were carefree and invigorated which was just what the doctor ordered.

While overseas we were able to spend quality time with some dear friends who live in some of the places we visited. We also had some friends from Australia join in for parts of our adventure. We hiked in the Swiss Alps, the Pyrenees in Spain and on the steep hills of Cinque Terra in Italy. We had a sommelier take us around the Piedmont wine region. We had a personal tour and tasting at a beautiful prosecco winery an hour from Venice. We ate and ate and ate all the delicious cuisines on offer. We visited art galleries and museums. We caught trains, planes, ferries, buses, and even took on driving a car in peak hour Barcelona (now that was an adventure). We were carefree and invigorated which was just what the doctor ordered.

On returning to Australia, we were constantly asked if we were depressed now we had returned to ‘normal’ life, but we didn’t feel this way at all. Instead, we felt gratitude for the fact that we were able to take time away to have that amazing experience and felt genuinely refreshed, happy and full of life again. It truly was an exceptional experience where we lived life large, saw beautiful places, spent quality time with great friends and had a lot of laughter along the way.

If you’ve been feeling like a sabbatical is in order and perhaps would like to travel yourself but would prefer the financial security of generating income at the same time, please make contact with me as we have numerous options available both here in Australia and abroad. 

For example, Teleradiology is a fantastic option if you’d like to travel while continuing your career as a FRANZCR Radiologist, working 7 days on / 7 days off from anywhere in the world.

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About Rebecca Doyle

Rebecca Doyle is Prescript’s Senior Recruitment Partner for Radiology with a focus on locum and permanent positions across Australia, New Zealand and globally.

Rebecca is very happy to answer your questions.

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I have been very privileged to spend my career working in highly regarded organisations such as Prescript Recruitment, Johnson & Johnson Medical and St Vincent’s Hospital. Within these organisations you will find cultures of honesty, respect and well-earned reputations for their high standards of service and customer care.
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We’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage, leaving doctors loving what they do and regional communities feeling like they have the best doctors in town