Medicare Provider Number Applications - Changes to the Process

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Did You Know…?

There’s a new form for provider number applications. Medicare has recently updated their manual application form and will no longer be accepting the older versions.

What’s Different?

The layout has changed, and there are several more questions about the location than there was before. This means that more information is needed up front, and the risk of the application being rejected is higher. The good news is that the document is fillable online; however, printing is still required as a handwritten signature is mandatory.

The Answer? PRODA!

In view of the changes, and with all the headaches caused by ensuring provider numbers are ready in time, you should register with PRODA now, more than ever before.

The online system is linked with the Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) and allows you to apply and retrieve provider numbers instantly! And what a relief it is when the number is issued in plenty of time before a locum or permanent placement.

What Is PRODA?

Provider Digital Access (PRODA) is an online authentication system providers use to securely access government online services. Using a two-step verification process, you only need a username and password and access to a personal mobile phone or email account.

To access services using PRODA, you need to register as an individual to get your own account.

What Do You Need To Do?

Follow this step by step guide to obtain additional location provider numbers instantly:

1. First, you will need to register with PRODA

  • To register, click on this link here.

  • A web page will open with a detailed process of your next steps:

  • Create your login details and personal details

  • Verify your identity. You will need three pieces of identification (Passport, Driver’s Licence and Medicare card are easiest to verify, but other ID is accepted)

  • Match your existing services to your profile

2. Secondly, apply instantly for additional location provider numbers

  • Once you have registered, you will then be able to apply online for instant provider numbers.

  • You will be given the required location address and banking details in advance.

Need help applying? I am happy to talk through the process over the phone. Give me a call, or you can call the HPOS team directly on 132 150.

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