Prescript I Our Giving Goal Update I July 2019

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Prescript’s BIG giving goal for 2019 is to provide 10,000 days of Medical Care to children living in Indian slums.

In this giving update, we wanted to let you know about our progress towards the giving goal PLUS shine a spotlight on one of the amazing charities that provide the medical care.

Giving Update


Did you know that your choice to work with Prescript has meant that 2,274 days of medical care has already been provided? Thank you!

How is this achieved? Each of Prescript’s day-to-day business activities is linked to our giving goal (such as confirming a locum assignment, referring another doctor to us or even completing a reference for a colleague).

We still have 7,500 days left to hit out goal, but with your help we will get there!

Spotlight On Helping Hand In Service

In the slums, such as Geeta Nagar, malaria and rabies are rife. Geeta Nagar, a sprawling hub, is situated in the heart of south Mumbai and has a population of over 40,000 slum dwellers. The provision of medical services helps to reduce the mortality rate and allow children to thrive under extreme conditions.

One of the organisations providing the medical checks for the children of the Geeta Nagar Slums is the Helping Hands in Service Trust.


How Can You Help?

You can contribute towards our BIG goal (10,000 days) by connecting with Prescript today. Simply hit the button below, it’s as easy as that!

About Stef McLaughlin

Stef is Prescript Recruitment's Credentialing, Quality & Giving Manager, working with regional hospitals and practices across Australia to ensure that doctors start on time. Stef is responsible for Prescript’s quality management processes and our giving relationship with the Buy1Give1 programme.

There are three ways to connect with Stef:

  1. Call Stef on 0416 544 577

  2. Email

  3. Click ‘Connect with Prescript’ below

Your ongoing commitment and support is truly appreciated, and I look forward to giving you our next update!
— Stef McLaughlin - Prescript's Giving Manager
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Meet the Prescript Recruitment Team

We work with doctors for locum, ongoing and fixed-term positions across regional Australia. Connect with Prescript here ⬇️  


James Hill, Nicola Speer, Rebecca Doyle, Marcia Beere and Nadine Onto. Dedicated recruitment partners focused on helping doctors throughout the recruitment process.


Grace Clueit. Rapid promotion of locum, ongoing and fixed-term vacancies - helping doctors discover jobs with ease.


Stef McLaughlin and Lee Kabigting. Adhere to the highest JAS-ANZ-accredited standards of quality and credentialingManagement of paperwork and travel logistics so that doctors start on time.


Hugo Scales. Prescript's Finance & Payments Manager ensures doctors get paid promptly and smoothly.

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Prescript are medical recruitment specialists.

At Prescript we’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage in Australia.

Every day we’re focused on two clear outcomes - Helping hospitals find doctors that create departments and clinics that run better, have more capacity and less stress. And placing Doctors in jobs that leave them feeling highly valued, rewarded and, most importantly, enjoying what they do.

We believe that when we get these two crucial things right, it has a huge impact on the regional doctor shortage and the healthcare of communities across Australia.

There are three ways to contact us:

  1. Call 1300 755 498

  2. Email

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We’d love to hear from you!

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We’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage, leaving doctors loving what they do and regional communities feeling like they have the best doctors in town.