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Welcome to the Prescript Recruitment Blog, your home at the heart of the Prescript community to exchange news & views on topics that matter most to you.  


We will have all the career advice you'd expect from a recruitment blog - and more.  

Location Reports

We have put together profiles on places across Australia.  If you want to locum, you'll find a list of experiences not to miss.  If you're thinking of relocating, you'll find more reasons to move!


Work can be stressful whatever career you're in.  We'll share the best of what we've tried, with blog posts covering healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness and that elusive work/life balance.


What do you like to do outside of work?   Read about the best farmers markets near you; the festivals you can't miss; restaurants we think you'll love.  Learn about unique experiences offered to doctors who are part of our community e.g. cheese and wine pairing advice from an expert; pasta making for beginners; guided gallery tours.


We will keep you updated on what's new within the medical community and what's new at Prescript Recruitment.  

Career advice

Join us for our step-by-step guide to changing jobs.  There will be Q&As with doctors and different employers, all sharing info and tips on life as a locum doctor or how to relocate your family for work.


What topics do you want to hear about?  How can we make this the best radiology blog ever?  Please comment below or contact us at Prescript Recruitment

Thank you for being here at the beginning and see you again soon.