Medicare and how to make your life easier


Whether you are stepping into a locum role or gearing up for a permanent position, there’s always one crucial step that needs to be taken; applying to Medicare for provider numbers.

We know, they’re rarely ready in time and often cause headaches and frustration before a last-minute locum. We have a solution for you and it will undoubtedly make your life easier in the long run.

If you are a Consultant with no restrictions (19ab or 19aa) then you can apply and retrieve provider numbers instantly!


There is an online Medicare system called PRODA (Provider Digital Access). This is the new HPOS system.

What do you need to do?

Follow this step by step guide to obtain additional location provider numbers instantly:

1.      First you will need to register with PRODA

  • To register, click on this link here
  • A web page will open with a detailed process of your next steps:
    • Create your login details and personal details
    • Verify your identity. You will need 3 pieces of identification (Passport, Driver’s Licence and Medicare card are easiest to verify, but other ID is accepted)
    • Match your existing services to your profile

2.      Apply instantly for additional location provider numbers

  • Once you have registered, you will then be able to apply online for instant provider numbers
  • You will need to provide the required location address and banking details

Need help applying? I am happy to talk through the process over the phone on 0416 544 577 or email me

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