The Secret to Attracting the Best Doctors

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Hello, I’m Grace Clueit – Marketing Partner at Prescript Recruitment. At Prescript, we’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage in Australia.

I look after vacancies, marketing and communications and focus on bringing our locum and permanent positions to life. This helps regional communities attract the best applicants and helps doctors find jobs with ease.

One part of my role is managing the marketing for our Prescript Premium Recruitment Solutions. These are blended retained/contingent projects. We carefully choose which positions we work on. Our recruitment projects are normally for a 3-month period, and we are committed to filling each vacancy.

I love creating marketing campaigns to showcase our clients’ vacancies in a visually appealing and clear manner, tailored to suit their specific recruitment challenges.

I thought I’d share with you two previous examples of the creative work we have produced within these campaigns.

These two examples show how different each campaign can be, while still maintaining Prescript’s personality. We know how important it is to help the hospitals and practices we work with promote themselves to a large audience of doctors. 


Example One | Teleradiology

I loved being part of this Teleradiology campaign. Being able to work as a FRANZCR Radiologist from anywhere in the world, for only 26-weeks of the year, is a fantastic opportunity. It’s a very exciting position, and this is reflected in every part of the campaign. From the imagery to the music, each element is full of life and ultimately leaves you wanting to know more!

Teleradiology has allowed me to see some fantastic places. London has been my base for work, and from there I have hopped on a plane to hike through the Alps, tour wineries in Italy and explore Paris.
— Quote from a Radiologist
“Reporting from Canada is unbelievable. I’m based in Vancouver and explore during my time off. Hiking through the mountains, camping, kayaking, snowboarding in Whistler, there’s so much natural beauty to see”

Example Two |Permanent Radiologist Position

The idea behind this campaign was to show you really can have it all – a harmonious balance between your work and life, your dream role within a great organisation, excellent perks and benefits, all from the unbelievable Fraser Coast. The warm tones and relaxed music complement one another perfectly and give off a tranquil, ‘holiday like’ feel.

This job isn’t your average role.
It’s stacked with amazing perks and benefits; career acceleration, financial gain, and a harmonious balance between your work and life.

There are three ways to start the conversation about your vacancy and Prescript’s Premium Recruitment Solution (Blended retained/contingent). :

  1. Prescript can call you. Please allow 15-30 minutes for this. Click here to book a time.

  2. Email us via and one or our recruitment partners will call you.

  3. Click 'Partner with Prescript' and fill in your contact details.

We are committed to filling each vacancy. We know it has a huge impact on your organisation, the regional doctor shortage and the healthcare of communities across regional Australia.

About Grace Clueit

Grace Clueit is Prescript's Marketing Partner and looks after Vacancies, Marketing and Communications. 

There are three ways to contact Grace:

  1. Call Grace on 1300 755 498

  2. Email

  3. Click to ‘Connect with Prescript’

I ensure that we are targeting our marketing efforts towards the correct candidates to help regional communities find doctors for their locum and ongoing positions. It’s a great industry, and it feels amazing to be a part of it.
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Meet the Prescript Recruitment Team

We work with doctors for locum, ongoing and fixed-term positions across regional Australia. Connect with Prescript here ⬇️  

Recruitment James Hill, Nicola Speer, Rebecca Doyle and Marcia Beere - Dedicated recruitment partners. Helping you throughout the entire recruitment process.

Marketing & Vacancies - Grace Clueit - Rapid promotion of locum, ongoing and fixed-term vacancies - helping doctors discover jobs with ease.

Credentialing & Logistics - Stef McLaughlin and Lee Kabigting - Adhere to the highest JAS-ANZ-accredited standards of quality and credentialingManagement of paperwork and travel logistics - making sure doctors start on time.

Finance & Payments Hugo Scales - Prescript's Finance & Payments Manager ensures doctors get paid promptly and smoothly.

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Prescript are medical recruitment specialists.

At Prescript we’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage in Australia.

Every day we’re focused on two clear outcomes - Helping hospitals find doctors that create departments and clinics that run better, have more capacity and less stress. And placing Doctors in jobs that leave them feeling highly valued, rewarded and, most importantly, enjoying what they do.

We believe that when we get these two crucial things right, it has a huge impact on the regional doctor shortage and the healthcare of communities across Australia.

There are three ways to contact us:

  1. Call 1300 755 498

  2. Email

  3. Click 'Connect with Prescript' to ask a question online (with option to upload your CV)

We’d love to hear from you!

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We’re known for helping solve the regional doctor shortage, leaving doctors loving what they do and regional communities feeling like they have the best doctors in town.